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The Remarkable Cause: A Novel of James Lovell and the Crucible of the Revolution
Induction of James Lovell into the Cryptologic Hall of Honor at the National Security Agency

In The Remarkable Cause, meet James Lovell, Boston teacher and Patriot, imprisoned for spying at the beginning of the Revolution.

Ceremony at National Security Agency, honoring James Lovell by induction into 

Cryptologic Hall of Honor, January 29, 2024. From left: Director of NSA General Paul Nakasone, Jean C. O'Connor, Barbara Talbot and Wendy Noble, Deputy Director of the National Security Agency.

James Lovell is considered “the Father of American Cryptanalysis” by no less an authority than David Kahn, and William Friedman called him “the Revolution’s one-man National Security Agency.” His pioneering work as a codemaker and a codebreaker gave cryptology a singular role in the emergence of the new nation. He is a landmark figure in the history of American cryptanalysis and cryptography, and a model for present and future generations.

--JOHN A. TOKAR.  Chief, Center for Cryptologic History,

National Security Agency/Central Security Service

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Congress's Cryptographer: A Novel of James Lovell and the American Revolution

AND--Discover James Lovell's work in Congress during the American Revolution, his friendship with John and Abigail Adams, his position as our first Foreign Affairs Secretary, his ability to create cipher and break British codes, in Congress's Cryptographer.

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