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Benjamin Franklin's wood cut "Join or Die" from the Constitutional Courant

"Constitutional Courant Sept. 21, 1765." Headline. Early American Imprints. Boston Public Library, 29 March 2012. From NewsBank, Inc., and the American Antiquarian Society. All Rights Reserved.

Research the Times of The Remarkable Cause

A Novel of James Lovell and the Crucible of the Revolution

by Jean C. O'Connor


Annotated List of Sources for Research:

The Revolutionary Period, 1763 – 1783.

Blog of J. L. Bell 

            Explore the many topics developed by Massachusetts writer J.L. Bell, specialist in the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston.

Boston Massacre Historical Society

            View vivid pictures and documents of the Trial and Participants

Crispus Attucks

            Explore the biography and artifacts for the first victim to die of the Boston Massacre, a slave.

Founders Online, National Archives.

            See sections for Colonial period and Revolutionary War. Read letters of leaders.

Library of Congress: The American Revolution, 1763 – 1783.

            Resources and materials for teachers and students.

Making the Revolution: America 1763-1791

            A marvelous collection of primary sources. America in Class presents this and other collections of historical documents, literary texts, and works of art, from the National Humanities Center.

Massachusetts Historical Society: The Coming of the American Revolution; and The Siege of Boston: Eyewitness Accounts from the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society:   

            In terms of resources, one cannot do much better than the Massachusetts Historical Society’s Online Collection, “The Coming of the American Revolution, 1764 – 1776.” Found under Education, this Online Collection hosts numerous primary source documents, thoroughly developing each Topic. For Teachers, concepts are explained. For Students, an Analysis worksheet is provided to interpret the documents.

Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

            Education resources include free digital resources for all ages, including a Virtual Museum Tour, a Virtual Field Trip, Digital Resources for Families, Read the Revolution book excerpts, a digitized collection of the Museum’s art and artifacts, and more.

National Archives.

            Search for American Revolution to find pictures, records, and a lesson plan.

“A Plan of Boston in New England with Its Environs.” Map of Boston Harbor, created for Lord 

           George Germain, Secretary of State for George III. London, 1777. Harvard Map Collection,       Harvard Library. 

 Use the buttons and arrows to zoom in to incredible detail on this map of Boston and its harbor.              

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