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Stumbling on an Answer

Have you ever nearly been stumped to find a solution, scratched your brain - and your sister's brain - over and over, then taken a turn to find a solution and lo and behold getting an answer so obvious that it made you laugh?

Marg and I were getting familiar with her Buick's Car Play Navigation system, a way to use an iPhone to view Maps in the NAV screen. We had already used my phone successfully to get from Austin to McAllen, nearly down to Mexico, and back again. Now it was time to use her iPhone.

But nothing happened! Over and over we tried the various buttons, screens, commands. No map. Finally, I suggested we go to the Buick dealer. Of course! So off we went.

When we got there we pulled up on a sunny afternoon to a quiet lot. A tall salesman came out to our curb and greeted us. We eagerly jumped out of the car and enlisted his help in our predicament, explaining the problem. He got in the car with us and started it up.

He poked at the various buttons a few times, while we held our breath. Then he turned to us and asked, "Have you tried a different cord?"

Of course! We laughed. I said, "No, but when it was working we did have plugged in a different cord. I have it here." I produced my cord from my bag and we exchanged it for the one plugged in.

As predicted, the NAV screen lit up beautifully. I laughed and slapped his shoulder. "You did it!"

We thanked him profusely and drove away happily, promising to give him a great review. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

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